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Incentivised installs don't show in iTunes

richardaloisrichardalois BerlinPosts: 15New Users *
Hi guys, we have generated incentivised installs through various networks. It's an iPad only app and no universal app.
Now we have the issue that around 50% (8000) of the installs don't appear in iTunes but are tracked in Adjust. In Adjust there are unique IDFAs and they belong to unique devices, so it seems fraud seems not an option. Any idea what could have happened so that the installs don't show up in iTunes?
Thanks so much!


  • angelappsangelapps usaPosts: 266New Users @ @
    Over what period of time, and how long since the period ended?
  • richardaloisrichardalois BerlinPosts: 15New Users *
    The first campaign was April - June. Then we restarted it 3 days ago.
  • angelappsangelapps usaPosts: 266New Users @ @
    Itunes shows all downloads, that means that a user who downloads via itunes shows as a download but my not actually be installed on a device. Only downloads obtained through the app store on the device are certain to be installs.

    Are you looking at installs or downloads?

    Whats the ratio of desktop to ipad downloads?
  • richardaloisrichardalois BerlinPosts: 15New Users *
    Hi Angle, can I see desktop downloads in iTunes connect? Or how can I get the information about desktop vs iPad downloads?
  • richardaloisrichardalois BerlinPosts: 15New Users *
    I just checked, we're using an Adjust tracker and we tested you can't download to the desktop. Any other ideas?
  • richardaloisrichardalois BerlinPosts: 15New Users *
    Hi TryMyApps, it is possible, but there is no proof. Did you ever hear that happening before?
  • HappyByteHappyByte Posts: 343New Users @ @
    IDFA is not a IDFV, so that is definitely a fraud of who you sold those installs - use iTunes campaign tracking instead
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