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Do you guys experience a minor update but app ranking goes down?

tomgood887tomgood887 Posts: 126New Users @ @
I have a long time app and recent month ranking is very stable.
Recently I update a new version with a minor change that absolutely will not hurt downloading.
But the result is the ranking go down a stair right after update.


  • anappdev2anappdev2 Posts: 104New Users @ @
    It's a known problem... All your reviews go away (as number of current review goes to 0) which impacts consumers confidence and ultimately hit the downloads...
  • tomgood887tomgood887 Posts: 126New Users @ @
    I know that is a fact that let ranking down.
    But new update can cause user update and reactive some nonactive user, right?
    So have good side and bad side.
  • tomgood887tomgood887 Posts: 126New Users @ @
    1000 in past several months.
    now the reviews start count from 0. interesting is the daily download number is stay same. but only ranking go down to another stair.
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