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Mobile Incentive Installs

dandandandandandan usaPosts: 1New Users Noob
Mobile incentive installs, please help me and spread some light on that subject
good ? bad ? pros ? and cons ?, how Apple react to those kind of downloads\installs,
and what is the commons prices for services like mobile incentive installs

Thanks in advance guys


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    @dandandan . They are when users are rewarded for downloading an app and using it for a period so as to game the charts in to Apple believing it's a good app and used. There are some reports that Apple are now discounting these in their metrics for calculating chart positions.
    Pros? If they are still counted then the idea is to get "above the radar" and benefit from subsequent organic downloads.
    Cons? if the app isn't good then even the organic downloads will not stay around.
    Prices? $1 a download but possibly less. top 10 App review site where developers can post videos, place promo codes and announce apps on sale and gone free.
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