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Questions about ASO implementation.

1. I use appannie to get rid of useless keywords. If a keyword rank more than 100, I delete it since most keywords traffic comes from searching top 5 ranks. My question is is this correct? Since some time user use two words to search. Maybe "word1" rank 100, but the search of "word2 word1" have a good rank. So is the action to get rid of rank more than 100 word good?
2. For option keywords. I need to know the popularity(how much people use it to search) and the difficulty(how many competitor apps under this keyword). appannie only have search result number. sensortower have traffic and difficulty, but those are not reliable and accurate, right? Now appstore search on iphone do not list the result app number now. What is the best way to get specific kw's traffic and difficulty?


  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    edited April 2016
    You've kind of answered some your own question (s).

    If you have a keyword ranked 100, then there are 99 apps above you. If you are ranked 1000, you can assume 999 apps above you. Now if you are ranked 10 or the best... 1... who cares how many apps are ranked above you. You are then ranking really well and the number of competitors is immaterial.

    As for long tail keywords...if word1 is ranked at 10 and word2 is ranked at 100, but both together as a long tail rank at say 15, I would keep both keywords. In this situation I would even keep word2 if it was ranking at 1000. However, you also need to know how popular the search is for a long tailed keyword. If only a few people search for it, then even with a high rank, it becomes a useless statistic. This is also true for single keywords. Rank high but few searches, and the keyword is useless.

    The best way? Either an algorithm or trial and error. The latter unfortunately is very time consuming and requires endless updates with review (F*ck you, Apple).

    With an algorithm, you can use AI to fine-tune the search, while you sit back and sip your coffee, but for this, you would have to have some formidable programming skills. There was a post on this board about doing that, but the poster was really trying to sell his service(s)... so that may have been a scam. But do look into AI or machine learning to do the keyword search.
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