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Tactics for receiving good reviews

tropictropic Posts: 120New Users @ @
I am currently not that much up to date on what good approaches exists for receiving reviews for your app, whether legit or not, so thought I would ask what you guys think is working at the moment, and your thoughts on the importance of reviews currently.

Approaches that may or may not work
  • Ask for review in App Description on App Store
  • Ask for review in "What's New" section when updating your app
  • Use appirater or similar to ask for review inside the app
  • Ask for review to unlock content ("fake" because you can't check it, probably not allowed, but some apps nevertheless do it)
  • App review exchange pages on Facebook
  • App review exchange sites, "you do mine, and I'll do yours" (quid pro quo)
  • Buy app reviews


  • Posts: 452Registered Users @ @
    Reviews are important in terms of validation and ranking.

    One of the best examples I have seen is a small pop-up that appears late enough in my usage of an app called Next Episode. For some reason, the app knows when I have done all I needed doing and the app asks me for a review, explaining that previous reviews disappear after each update, updates done for continual improvement of the app and asks for one in a very polite manner.

    Don't trick people with the "reviews for upgrades" as if, as will happen, the user isn't 1,000,000% satisfied they will leave a negative review out of spite. top 10 App review site where developers can post videos, place promo codes and announce apps on sale and gone free.
  • markofjohnsonmarkofjohnson California USAPosts: 133Registered Users @ @
    • Asking for review in app works for sure - you gotta figure out when to ask. Not in the first 10 mins, but don't wait 10 days either. Time it after a *win*. Time it after giving them something for free.
    • We try to personalize the ask - we're not a faceless corporation, we are real people.
    • Customer support email: Just replying to an upset customer can quickly turn them around into a fan, and then you can ask for a review. So _always_ make it easy for customers to email you.
    • On an update, ask again, fans will happily refresh the review. Consider having a server side switch so you can wait to turn on the review ask until you are sure the app update doesn't have a bad bug. &
    Hit Tennis & Super Txt
  • Posts: 452Registered Users @ @
    @markofjohnson That's perfect advice. Getting it at the "feel good" opportunity is real optimization. top 10 App review site where developers can post videos, place promo codes and announce apps on sale and gone free.
  • Ian5Ian5 USAPosts: 20New Users *
    Ask for feedback at the right time.
    Make the process of leaving a review as simple as possible.
    Catch those customers who are already willing to give feedback.
    Try to concretize what you want to receive as a response.
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