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What paid advertising has worked best for you?

ethanwaethanwa Orlando, FLPosts: 733Registered Users @ @ @
What has worked best for you for free or paid apps? Facebook? AdMob? Banner ads on niche websites?

What paid advertising methods have you found that works best for you to get the most quality downloads as possible?

Has anyone found a way to make a PROFIT from ads ($1 spent = $2 gained) rather than just breaking even or having a loss?


  • hudheryhudhery Posts: 26New Users @
    Instagram marketing hit me up and I'll share more about what I know!
  • markofjohnsonmarkofjohnson California USAPosts: 133Registered Users @ @
    Instagram (shoutcart) and twitter (trendpie) have been promising for us. Its going to depend if your app can fit their audiences. &
    Hit Tennis & Super Txt
  • mediaspreemediaspree FloridaPosts: 901Registered Users @ @ @
    Facebook and app store search ads. At best $0.09 CPA's on facebook (those days are long gone) currently averaging $0.15 CPA on search ads (super low volume though)
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