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ASO rules?

id256id256 Posts: 83New Users @
edited November 2016 in Mobile Marketing Techniques
Hi guys

I've been trying to recompose the keyword list of one of my apps recently, but it appears, that some points are not clear to me:
1) Does it have any sense to add a word from the app title to the keyword list as well? I mean, do words from title get combined with words from the keyword list?
2) Let's say my app is a 3D shooter game, and users search for "3D shooter". If I put "3D shooter game" in the title, would it be ranked lower for that particular search, than if I would put just "3D shooter"? In other words, does adding "game" at the end lower the visibility?
3) In case I'd like to add "3D shooter game" to the keyword list, what order should I put them in? Is it just "3D,shooter,game"?

It would be great if someone could share his knowledge.
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  • Crichton333Crichton333 Posts: 279Registered Users @ @
    If the word is in the title its already a keyword, I dont think the word "game" is a real game changer, the list would probably be the same for both searches. The order of the keywords doesnt matter in the keyword field.

    The word game isnt crucial in the example you gave but in case your game is called "Game of Thrones" it would be the most important keyword, so brainstorm that.
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  • angelappsangelapps usaPosts: 266New Users @ @
    I have found generic words have a detrimental effect.
  • id256id256 Posts: 83New Users @
    Thanks @Crichton333 @angelapps I agree, that adding words, that are too generic is unlikely to have some effect, but I was actually asking about cases, when there is a grammatical difference, for example ..."Red bicycle wheel". I mean, in this case the object is "wheel", and "bicycle" just plays the role of adjective. If users search for "Red bicycle", does adding "wheel" to the title affects the app visibility for that search?
  • angelappsangelapps usaPosts: 266New Users @ @
    If a user searched for "red bicycle" then adding "wheel" will reduce the relevancy to "red bicycle". But the upside is you then rank for more permutations, and download quantity is a ranking factor in itself.
  • id256id256 Posts: 83New Users @
    edited November 2016
    @Crichton333 Yes, words in titles are definitely keywords, but will the app visibility be the same for a certain two-word search phrase (for example, "bicycle wheel") in the next two cases: 1) "bicycle" in the title and "wheel" in the keywords field; and 2) "bicycle" in the title and both "bicycle" and "wheel" in the keywords field?
  • angelappsangelapps usaPosts: 266New Users @ @
    @id256, yes, but the app title is stronger, so an app called red bicycle wheel will rank worse for red bicycle than if wheel was in the keywords. But it may rank higher IF, bicycle wheel produced a significant number of downloads.

    Think of it as relevancy X downloads, so you cant assume one way is better than the other.
  • id256id256 Posts: 83New Users @
    OK thanks, I got it.
  • jhonkjjhonkj Posts: 150New Users @ @
    well, yes and no about generic keywords, if someone searches for "bicycle from mars", your app will not show at all, unless you have the word "from" in your keywords
    (or title)
    (or company name)

    and by the way, if you put in that search, you will get exactly zero apps in your search results, because no apps have the word "from" in their keywords, however if the search is for "bicycle mars", suddenly you have dozens of apps show up in your search...

    that means Apple search is seriously broken, not that they should have "from" in a generic word list, but that having zero search results is just plain "search challenged"... when two of the three words would have produced results...

    which also means miss-spelling words will also produce no search results in several situations of an app store search... that is the very definition of a broken search result system.
  • angelappsangelapps usaPosts: 266New Users @ @
    O yeah, of course search is broke, its like lycos from the 90's.

    But, it works for me so I wont complain too much!
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