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Search Results in UK

In UK apps are not appearing for keywords even in the title. Look like there is more filtering done based on the type of the App. Anyone else noticed this?

A whole range of apps don't appear in the results so in that sense it a level playing field but I was wondering why in UK or its just the test and will be taken to broader geographies later.


  • angelappsangelapps usaPosts: 266New Users @ @
    Welcome to app search, I have stopped testing positions because I get such random, wrong and fluctuating results.

    I now only measure installations.
  • anappdev2anappdev2 Posts: 104New Users @ @
    So far search results made sense with fluctuation based on new app, search-ad spend etc. Though what I am pointing out is a complete omission of type of apps (not only mine). These apps contain keywords in title and appear in most other countries in search results.
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