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How much to hire an ASO expert?

astersdoastersdo USAPosts: 640New Users @ @ @
Has anybody hired an ASO consultant? How much does it cost?


  • jhonkjjhonkj Posts: 150New Users @ @
    in my opinion I would use Apple's "Search Ads" for that, while as I predicted would happen "Search ads" would work for adverts.... until they don't. because just like facebook, the price and the results will eventually balance out to having no benefit even though Apple should twist the idea to make it work somehow, (they don't need to make money so they could use it to make their platform even more popular, rather than making money on ads).

    the one good thing is "Search Ads" does accomplish an ASO like function, because of "Search Match" or actually I am not sure it is Search match, because I turned that off, but when you click on "Add keyword", it gives suggestions... and a lot of them are good for ASO, because of misspellings and combinations of words that do directly relate to your old keywords, They also come with the "how popular" they are.. although I think just graphically.
  • ClarityDesignsClarityDesigns Posts: 6New Users Noob
    Hey mate if you are still interested I found some people on this link which provide this service:"aso app store optimization"
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