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An iPhone simulator for your app's promotional website

davoscriptdavoscript Posts: 6New Users
edited January 2011 in Mobile Marketing Techniques
Hello everybody, my name is David (, I'm a web developer and I've just released DragPic, a script based in Mootools that I think will help iPhone developers to broadcast their creations in the product's websites.

The script was built in first place to emulate smartphones behavior, but it also has the common (and more) features that a normal image gallery should have.

If you are intrested and you buy it (only $4 usd), I can help you setting the script to fit your needs or send you a demo.

More info here: JavaScript - DragPic Gallery - CodeCanyon
iPhone Simulator demo: Mobile demo

Under the main picture there are the demos, specially attention to the "iPhone Simulator demo", just drag and release (just like if you would be touching the screen of your phone) the images in the phone screen.

Best Regards, hope you like the script.
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