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Edit: Contact any of our moderators for issues related to these rules.

The intention of this forum is to allow our contractor members to advertise their services. In order to bias this forum towards our existing membership, we are requiring some form of minimum forum participation to post here.

New Thread Rules
  • Your post count must be 10 or higher.
  • Your account must be at least 1 month old.
  • You may only have 1 thread in this forum.

If you believe that you meet this criteria but cannot post, send me a PM. Feel free to click the "Advertise Here" link at the top of each page if you wish to purchase some ad space.

Replying/Bumping Rules

In short, replies are not allowed in this forum. If you want to say something to the thread author, send a PM. If you hit the reply button, chances are that you screwed up. These are the exceptions:
  • The OP may bump once per calendar month. So if you post at the end of May and again at the beginning of June, that's fine. Post twice in June and that's not fine.
  • The OP may post at any time to indicate they are no longer offering services. In this case, the OP is encouraged to report the thread and request that it be deleted.
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Do not quote questionable posts.
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