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Mooncatventures LLC a new kind of iPhone company

michellemichelle Posts: 210Registered Users
edited July 2012 in Service Providers
Announcing Mooncatventures-group, a new kind of mobile development company.

Our service offerings are tailored to meet a variety of needs.
Traditional consulting

Want to contract with us to build your applications, we offer traditional Consulting and development through, alternatively we can discuss alternative direct fixed-price arraignments .

Contracting start at 25.00 hourly and up, depending on complexity and length of your project.

For more info or to contract with us please use our contact page.

Application Design / UI/Ux advise / Graphics

Need help designing that Killer User Interface ?
Need layout or Navigation design help?
Want some stunning graphics for your application or game.

Rates start at just 15.00 per hour.

For more info or to contract with us please use our contact page.

Co-operative development for the client

How can co-operative Development benefit you

So you've just signed up for your Apple Developer account and are eager to get your application into the App Store and bringing in the revenue. So now what? Developing your application is only the first step, Let us help you navigate the hurdles.
If your just interested in getting some extra cash from your idea, we can work with you to develop your idea into an application, publish it to the App store as a Mooncatventures-group product and split any and all revenue with you. In addition we will completely support and market the application.
If you would rather build the application yourself but don't have the time or your idea is somewhat beyond your level of understanding. We can help, We will supply the resources, or assist you in finding the resources, And once development is complete we can assist with the remaining lifecycle, App store submission either as a Mooncatventures-group product or your Company or organization, testing , review assistance and support. Contact us to discuss revenue sharing arraignments.
If you would rather keep all the revenue for yourself, we have a solution. Just team up with us on one of our client or open source projects. We help you and you help us.
Have another arrangement in mind , contact us to discuss.

Co-operative development for the Developer

How to get involved

Start by joining our App Development Group on Facebook .

Watch for information on projects we are exploring or clients we are working with
Request to work with us on the particular project
When we contract with a new client , we may ask other app group members if they would like to participate in the development effort.
We may include you as a resource when we propose our contract terms.
The client will decide to provide either payment as a development team (Mooncatventures-group) or individually.
This "virtual" team will exist for the duration of the project.

What we do best:

We are experts in Alternative video formats and protocols on the iPhone - RTSP and mpeg streaming, bonjoir , upnp dlna , If you can think of a streaming solution we can build it. Stuck on FFMPEG , no problem.

We understand embedded systems, are you an Automobile company that wants to take your infotainment system to the next level with advanced voice recognition and real-time translation, we can show you how, we speak RFCOMM, SCO and IAP. We have a lot of experience with the External application framework.

Are you a small OEM trying to compete with the big Auto makers , we can help you leapfrog anything they offer .
Want help with opencv yep, we can help.

Also help with porting c , c++ code to iPhone, Android from desktop linux systems.

We also offer help with UI design and graphic consultation.

Help us build great applications or let us make your applications exceptional. We are experts in all types of streaming find us on Facebook
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