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Cheap graphics offered

HemiMGHemiMG Posts: 374Registered Users @ @
Hey guys,
I'm not the world's best graphics guy, but I figure there are a lot of developers out there who can't afford a thousand dollars or more for graphics but don't even know their way around MS Paint. I think I can bridge that gap a little by providing simple graphics for an extremely affordable price. I'm pretty bad with icons and characters, but can do many things that can be modeled with a 3d program. I'm an app developer as well, so if you decide to contact me, please don't tell me more than the very basics in your first message. If I am working on something similar, I don't want to be accused of stealing anyone's ideas.

I've included some samples of my work below.


This is a screenshot from my latest game. I composited the background using images from CGTextures. The man was created with Poser. I did the modeling and texturing of the bucket and the bombs and animated the fuse. You can see them in motion, here:


This is a picture of a spaceship and an asteroid that I modeled and textured.


This is a submarine I created for my current project. It was colored in GIMP instead of being properly texture mapped because at the size it will be most texture detail will be lost anyhow.


Here is a low poly toolbox I modeled and textured for another project I am working on.


Finally, this is a much more detailed model of a Jedi training ball that I created with an eye toward photo realism. I did all of the modeling and texturing on this as well.

If you would like some work done, please feel free to PM me with some details on what you need and the budget you'd like to work within.


  • newyearnewyear Posts: 1New Users
    Hello, all.

    We'd like to celebrate the coming holidays with a gift to forum readers.

    You can get 5 icons from our icon collections for free.
    Follow these steps to get your icons:
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    - Post your query

    You can choose icons from 280 icon sets
    which are ready for evaluation.

    Here is an example of valid query:

    Perfect Business Icons
    - Piggy bank
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    High Resolution App Tab Bar Icons
    - Alien
    Large Glossy Icons
    - Documents
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    * * *

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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