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Game / App Promotion (access to 60'000 users)

thebothebo Posts: 37Registered Users @
This is a so called "promotion 4 revenue" or "promotion 4 shares" offer.

You have a new game or a new generic iOS application which would appeal to a broad international experience?

You do not know how to come into the top 10 of the App Store or you do not want to spend a big advertisement budget in terms of cash to boost the downloads of your app?

I might be able to help you to push your game/app with my advertising based application which has over 60'000 active users around the world.

I am open for flexible compensation concepts for my ad space / impressions and clicks.

Just drop me a line at if you are interested or send me a private message!


I definitely do not especially prefer cash compensation! Revenue splits or some kind of stake in your game or app is also a viable solution...

I am just searching for an alternative to monetize the app space in my app (an alternative to the classic "ad networks").

Think of my promotion for your game or app as some kind of "venture investment" where I also take a risk in promoting your game or app without getting paid in advance or may be (depending on the model we agree on) not getting paid at all...


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