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Roughsoft LLC - providing iOS and cross-platform development

jlptn1jlptn1 Posts: 60Registered Users
My company is called Roughsoft LLC. I have been focusing on iOS since 2009. Besides this I have been developing mac os and linux for over 15 years. I have extensive experience with open-source media and frameworks, being a former team developer of the popular audio editor Audacity, and contributing to projects like ffmpeg, cocos2d-x, wxWidgets, OpenFrameworks, and more. I also have experience working at large companies such as Adobe, Dolby, and Microsoft.

I accept projects of almost any size. Some clients are developers new to the iOS platform that hire me just to do short-term debugging work that takes just a few hours to few days, quickly resolving an issue that they are stuck on. Other clients want the entire project done. I'm happy to do these at a fair rate for you.

I do any type of project, including ones that need to create custom web servers/services via amazon EC2. That being said, I specialize in pro audio/video, multithreading, optimization, and debugging.

I also do cocos2d-x cross-platform work in C++ (usually for games) that allows you to publish on iOS/Android/Windows Mobile/PC/Mac and more. If you have an iOS project, or one that uses the cocos2d framework and want to port to Android, I can help you get this done quickly. I also use wxWidgets and OpenFrameworks to provide cross platform apps.

Please tell me what you want to do and I'll give you free feedback and an estimate. You can use this contact form to email me.

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