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App Promotion and Localization Services

CorypheusCorypheus Russian Federation Posts: 11Registered Users *
edited September 2013 in Service Providers
Hy guys,

This is Vasiliy from Corypheus company. We specialize in promotion and localization of mobile apps.


Many popular mobile apps are available in more than one language and their popularity in most cases comes from multiple localizations. This is one of the best ways to increase sales of your app, because the more people can understand and use it, the more potential buyers you get.

You can enjoy USD 0.12 flat-rate price per word. This price includes translation by professional native translators and localization testing on a real device. We also translate app descriptions and do key words transcreation.

Our Advantages:
● Translation by native speakers only
● Fast turnaround
● Free keywords transcreation
● No additional fees for multilingual projects
● Localization testing on iPad and iPhone


We are focusing on the Russan-speaking iOS market, which includes such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Latvia, Estonia.

We help to significantly increase the App Store rankings and acquire loyal users. Our strategy is based on simultaneous publication of unique detailed reviews on the most popular Russian websites dedicated to iOS and mobile gaming as well as targeted PPC and PPI campaigns.

Target Audience:
● 500 000 active iOS users
● Age 18-44, 75% male audience
● Located in large cities (>1 million citizens)
● Higher than average income
● 5-30 installs per user each month

Key Advantages:
● Flexible and customizable marketing solutions
● Targeted campaigns across the most popular websites
● Simultaneous publication
● Feedback from professional app reviewers

Our fixed-price promotion packages range from USD 500 to USD 5000. Promotion on PPI basis starts from USD 1.2 per install.

Detailed information will be provided upon request. Please send your inquiries to, or visit our website.

I’m excited to discuss our possible cooperation with you. Let's get in touch!

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