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Instagram App for Mac

johnhmeyer123johnhmeyer123 Posts: 46Registered Users
edited August 2012 in Shameless Advertising
Hey there! I've spent the majority of the last 3 months working on a new app called Instamac. It's an Instagram client...but for the Macintosh!

What's great about bringing Instagram to the Mac, is that there is so much more screen space to take advantage of. Instead of a single view scrolling interface (which Instamac also has), you could also view photos in a beautiful grid form, or in an elegant full screen slideshow mode.

Instamac is also fully based off of touch input, which is with out a doubt, the future of Mac OSX. Clunky controls are non-existent, and you have the ability to easily scroll and resize images with two finger gestures.

Check out some info about the app at if you'd like.

I'm not looking for any reviews or promotions. Just some input on how I can improve the app to be the best possible Instagram app on any platform when it's officially released. I'm currently selling it to the public for $4.99 on However, I would love some feedback, so just send me an IM and I'll send you it for free. All I ask in return is some feedback to help me improve the app, and that you'd kindly share Instamac's website with some friends or colleagues. My AIM/iChat info is As of now, Mountain Lion is required. Thanks!
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