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Just Landed: know when to leave for the airport.

jongralljongrall Posts: 1New Users
edited October 2012 in Shameless Advertising
I'm the developer of Just Landed, a popular iPhone travel app that launched on the iTunes App Store this summer, and that just got a major update yesterday.

Just Landed helps you pick people up at the airport on time. You simply enter the flight number of an arriving flight and we'll alert you when you need to leave for the airport. We take into consideration your location, current traffic conditions, and real-time flight data to remind you to leave at just the right time. We're the only app that does this, and the concept has been very well received by users.

Here's a summary of the app's features:

- Tracks inbound flights 
- Reminds you when it's time to go to the airport 
- Uses traffic data when estimating driving time 
- Notifies you about any flight status changes 
- Texts the person you're picking up on arrival 

Check it out and let us know what you think! The app is free for a little while longer and was just updated for the iPhone 5 :)

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