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Edit: Contact any of our moderators for issues related to these rules.

I'll be the first to admit that I pay the least amount of attention to this forum. However that does not mean it is a free-for-all here. And judging from my occasional checking it, it seems clear that some rules are needed.


Your ad should be very closely related to iPhone development. Apps, or services (if you aren't allowed to post in the Service Providers forum yet) supporting the development of apps. Code libraries, developer tools, whatever. I shouldn't have to squint too hard to see how your offering is related to iOS. You will have to find somewhere else to advertise your auto parts, vacation destinations, etc.

The price of product or service is irrelevant; doesn't matter if it is free or you are charging money for it, if you are attempting to draw attention to something for any reason, this forum is the only acceptable free location on this board to do so. If you want wider coverage, pay for some ad space by clicking on any of the "Advertise here" links. Or put links in your signature and go answer questions in the other forums. No one here is owed any free advertising, and your budget problems are not our problems.

You may have only 1 thread per product or service being advertised.


You may bump your thread TWICE, and no more, per calendar month. Examples:

- You may post on the 1st and the 2nd. Heck, you can post twice on the 1st if you want. Post again on the 3rd and we have a problem.
- You may post on the 30th (current month) (assuming you haven't already posted twice), then again on the 1st and 2nd of the next month, for a solid 3 days in a row. Post again on the 3rd and we have a problem.

Punishment for violating this rule:

- You get 1 hand slap warning.
- If it happens again after the hand slap, you will receive a 30-day ban from this board.
- While you are banned, your thread will be moved to a moderator-only forum, and thus no longer visible here.
- Once your ban has finished, if you want your thread restored you must send me a PM requesting that to happen, AND apologizing for violating the rules. No apology means I will probably delete your thread instead.
- If it happens again after the temp-ban, you will be permanently banned and your thread(s) will be deleted.
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