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Head Body and Legs first app created by a dog

sbandlsbandl Posts: 2New Users

Head, Body & Legs iOS app is live, free and can be download here head body and legs

First app created by a dog

My name is… Ninja Jack. I know, my masters are eccentrics. That name’s given me a bit of a complex to be frank – which I could do without, what with my diminutive stature and all.

It’s a dog’s life, you see, when you’re only 18 inches tall. Put yourself in my paws for a second: You see a table, I see its legs; you sit on a chair, for me its arms are a wall of pain to run into.

Arms, legs… I was missing out and it got me thinking.

When I think, I think hard. What else is there to do when Danny and Hanna, my masters, have left me home alone – chase my tail?

What I needed was a bit of height, and who has height? Danny and Hanna. If only there was a way to pinch their body and legs for a while… Thank dog, sorry God, for the iPad – the answer was staring me in the snout.

After a brief confab with the neighbour (springer spaniel, bit of a swot) I created Head, Body & Legs. It’s inspired by the game where you draw a head, hide it, and pass it on… your friend draws the body, hides it and passes it on again for the legs to be added. The result is comedy gold.

But I’m a ninja – I wanted it to be far more than that, it had to bust some serious moves like I can.

This app can do anything – I can play the game, be an artist, use photos of my friends from Dogbook to make them look a total tool. More importantly I was able to change my life for the better.

To be taller I chose Danny’s legs (because he’s a wee lad and I didn’t want to go too far too quickly) and Hanna’s body (because I’m a red-blooded dog of a man so it would be more fun that way – you know what I mean).

I kept my head. Why? Because I’m better looking than those two; I’m a dog and didn’t want a gross-out in the mirror, which I can look into easily now btw; and I’m not giving up this sense of smell for anyone – no high cupboard is safe now.

Granted, I look a bit weird, but you should see the other two – they’ve got my discarded body parts. I’ve literally created a monster.

Sniff you soon on Facebook.

PS: I could catch my tail no problem by the way – Jack is a ninja, it’s in my skill set; I crept up on it, ultimate stealth, game over. A wide-eyed and trembling Hanna’s trying to do that right now…

Head, Body & Legs iOS app is live and can be download here head body and legs


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