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Rewarding users for playing your games

GetAppRewardsGetAppRewards Posts: 5New Users
edited May 2013 in Shameless Advertising
Hey guys (and gals too!),

My name is Craig. I am kinda new here on but I will try to contribute valuable information to the threads on the forum.

I wanted to introduce myself and the service I just joined, to as to maybe get some of your thoughts on it and see how it can be improved.

I have been an indie app developer for about 3 years now. Launched about 10 different games. Some did quite well but others not so well. My biggest challenge was limited budget for promotion.

About 4 months ago, I teamed up with 3 of my friends and we launched It is meant to help indie app developers to monetize their apps and retain quality users by rewarding users for using their apps.

Like I said, its a new service about to get launched to help indie developers. However, we already have top-tier brands ready to advertise but there is hardly any app network yet. (I can't disclose the brand names, but all I can say is that they have already given us some large deposits to "try" out the ad network)

Would love to get everyone's feedback on it and see how maybe this service can be improved upon before official launch to indie developers.

P.S. - Since the service is just launching, I want to show a gesture of my appreciation by giving anyone who installs the SDK a $200 credit toward any promotion they do.
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