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Finger Electricute - most thrilling reaction time game!

DurnkPorductionDurnkPorduction Posts: 89Registered Users @
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Finger electricute is most thrilling reaction time game specially designed for iPhone. Test your reaction time by trying to evade getting your fingers electricuted!


* Endless Game Mode
* Realistic sound effects
* Facebook sharing to receive bonuses
* Unlock new and exciting rooms and different electric chairs!

Exclusive Multiplayer Mode Added! Compete against best friends for free!

To play the game simply place your 2 fingers on two chair handles and wait for 3,2,1 & Go count. After Go count remove your finger as soon as the electricity starts running! The longer you wait till the electricity is running, the higher the score. Also if you remove your finger too early then the game ends so timing is essential.

Play all of our rooms & test your skills!

What Is Multiplayer Mode?
Multiplayer mode allows you to play against other players at any time for free. Automatically find and play against other Finger Electricute fans over bluetooth, and see who has the faster reflex! Multiplayer mode is usually in paid versions of an app, however, we've included for FREE.

Another great way to show off your reaction time is by sharing your score with your friends on Facebook!
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