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A New Collaborative Tool for Mobile Development

annotreeannotree Detroit, MichiganPosts: 2New Users
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Hey everyone!

My name is Brad and I’m here on behalf of a Michigan-based startup and our first product, AnnoTree – a new collaboration platform which streamlines mobile development and brings your entire team together in one location.

We allow collaboration directly from your application via our SDK, and this functionality creates a unique environment for improved application development. You can also draw directly on the app you're developing. (How cool is that?)

We are going to start rolling users into our closed beta test in the next week, and if you would like to sign up or are curious to learn more about our platform or our vision, feel free to check out our website, blog, or follow us on Facebook / Twitter.

If the above links are not working, here are the manual URL links:

Website -
Blog -
Facebook -
Twitter -

If anyone has any questions, feel free to post here (I'll be watching this thread like a hawk) or email me at

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