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Bubble Tapping- Free iOs game app

corrinecorrine Posts: 13New Users *
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Hi there,

It’s a great to share you a free iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad game app named Bubble Tapping. This game is released recently and is available on the iTunes App Store.

Game Description: Bubble Tapping is a FREE Game which comes with the feature of popping bubbles. The game consists of bubbles each having a unique characteristic which the gamer needs to pop by tapping the screen. To get a good score one must pop the bubbles faster avoiding the obstacles.

Download from App store:

Check this out! More important Links.....

Link to gameplay video (youtube):
Link to game comic’s video:

Link to Screenshots:

Game Genre: Bubble tapping is an arcade game specially designed for the kids. It can help people to relieve stresses.

•Simply Pop the bubbles by tapping and get a good score.
•Don’t forget to pop the ‘Advantage’ bubbles which will make you a top scorer.
•Beware of the skull bubbles which will eventually reduce your Life.
•Never kill the Pretty butterfly.
•The bee will make your task easier.
•Magnets gives you enough time holding the bubbles altogether.
•Never miss the rare magical gifts ! it'll be fun, guaranteed !
•Avoid popping speed up bubbles.
•Collect more then 1 achievement to multiply your score.
•The snail bubble slow down bubbles speed.
•Use the bomb bubble to pop instantly all positive bubbles.
•Thrilling graphics & attractive music.
•Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements to compete with your friends.

Download Bubble Tapping free from the app store.
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