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New Cognitive Tear Down of App Based Game Candy Crush Saga by MauroNewMedia

breidbreid New York CityPosts: 0New Users Noob
edited August 2013 in Shameless Advertising
Since the publication of the Angry Birds analysis, which garnered over 2 million views, PulseUX has received questions from interested parties asking why a certain new games have suddenly become wildly popular. Such was the case with the app-based game Candy Crush Saga, which is the number one rated game with millions of downloads a day. Candy Crush Saga utilizes aspects of advanced game design to create a surprising level of user engagement, but to be clear, Candy Crush Saga is no Angry Birds. HERE IS WHY:

Why Candy Crush Saga is So Successful and Popular But Will Never Be an Angry Birds: A Cognitive Tear Down of the User Experience
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