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Top Free Overall App Store promotion

freeappboostfreeappboost Posts: 1New Users Noob
edited September 2013 in Shameless Advertising
Hello everyone!

We'd like to propose you promotion to Top Free of the US App Store overall!

For Free iPhone Apps:
Top 50 - $9,999.
Top 100 - $7,999.

For Free iPad Apps:
Top 25 - $9,999.
Top 50 - $7,999.
Top 100 - $7,499.

We drive traffic from our private list of publishers and provide performance based marketing for iOS apps on the US App Store through our incentivized installs campaign.

To test our capabilities and quality of traffic we can run test campaign. Minimum around 500 installs with $1 CPI.

Currently we don't have Top 25 option for iPhone, but stay tuned!

Please contact us at or PM.
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