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Moviz Challenge! New app for Android and ios

corsegamescorsegames argentinaPosts: 0New Users Noob
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Are you a movie lover?

Corsegames launches a new app, Moviz!

<img src="/discussion/download/5596/Photo%2007-11-13%2009%2051%2054.png" />

The best movie trivia there is, an entertaining and fun game for everybody.

Download it for FREE!

<img src="/discussion/download/5593/Photo%2007-11-13%2010%2008%2048.png" />
<img src="/discussion/download/5594/Photo%2007-11-13%2010%2009%2017.png" />

With 9 difficulty levels and more than 150 movies, Moviz is a real challenge for the big screen fans. Guess the movie and challenge your friends to beat your score.

Juan Carlos Martinez: "It's the funniest trivia I've ever played"

Mateo Pereira:"I showed my friends who's the boss!"

Show the world how much you know about great movies by achieving different Awards and posting them on your social networks!

Interactions with Facebook and Twitter will become handy to solve the tricky movies you may need help with.

<img src="/discussion/download/5595/Photo%2007-11-13%2010%2009%2033.png" />

Moviz - is now available for FREE. The app is available world-wide, in several languages, on the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

Download it for FREE in and start having fun!


We kindly invite you to try the application we created with so much effort and dedication. IT will be great importance for us if you can write a review about Moviz, since you have an extent knowledge about great apps

Don't hesitate to leave your comments or questions!
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