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[UPCOMING GAME] Flit - The Great Escape

pokobrospokobros USAPosts: 2New Users Noob
I am 13 years old and am proud to announce that my first Cocos2d game will be coming out very soon. Fit – The Great Escape is an exciting, addicting, and endless 2d side scrolling game. Help Flit escape his invaded home forest to be reunited with his family! Buy awesome power ups and costumes in the shop! Get some help along the way with Flit’s tiger that cannot be hurt by any of the enemies. Have fun trying to make Flit make his great escape!

Well, that is my pitch. I hope you enjoyed it! I have been working on this game nonstop since August, and I did everything myself: the audio, graphics, and code. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Here is the link to the trailer:
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