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Hasoffer is coming

HasofferHasoffer Posts: 3New Users Noob
Do you know that you can get paid when playing mobile games? Yeah, it happens when you download and play rewarding games on Hasoffer. It works simply, you get credits when you install and play a game, and the credits can be redeemed for gifts such as gift cards for Amazon and the soon-coming in-kind rewards. and you can find us at


  • HasofferHasoffer Posts: 3New Users Noob
    Hasoffer – Value your playtime!

    Recommend the most popular mobile games to you!
    Play the hottest games and get free gift rewards.

    Hasoffer is a game recommendation platform for Android. Players can get the most popular games recommendations here. You can also get credits by installing and playing hot games on Hasoffer which can be redeemed to gift cards and other in-kind rewards.

    How it works:
     Install Hasoffer App on your Android device and register with your email.
     Get the hottest mobile games recommendation and install from Google Play.
     Get credits by installing and playing the rewarding mobile games from Google Play.
     Unlock the beautiful wallpaper and play games to get credits.
     Redeem your credits into gift cards and in-kind rewards.
     Share Hasoffer with your friends via Facebook or Twitter and help them to get gift cards and in-kind rewards.

    At the moment $1 and $2 Amazon gift cards are available. Players can get 130 credits after install and play one of the rewarding games in Hasoffer. 300 credits can be redeemed to one $1 Amazon gift card and 600 credits can be redeemed to one $2 Amazon gift card.
    Besides, in-kind rewards are coming soon, we are preparing amazing real gift rewards for you!

    Hasoffer also provides you the most popular mobile games for Android. Just leave the hunting job to us and enjoy the hottest games at any time. We will regularly update the game list and bring you more interests.

    What’s more, you can get fantastic lock screen with Hasoffer. Slide the lock screen and go to GooglePlay to play the rewarding games can also bring you credits. If you prefer your own lock screen you can just turn off the button on the setting page.

    Sharing feature is open. Just share with your friends if you like Hasoffer, share the gifts with the one you love!

    More about Hasoffer
    Home Page
    Google Play

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