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XtremePush Notification Service

XtremeEoinXtremeEoin IrelandPosts: 3New Users Noob
Hi All,

If anybody is looking for a notification service provider please take a look at

We have a number of price tiers *including* a free tier which covers up to 1 million devices which accept push, unlimited notifications, rich push for URLs/Video/HTML builder, scheduling of messages in the future and recurring, badge count and custom sounds.

Price tiers start if you wish to use geo-fencing, segmentation, and location history (survey locations). All new sign-ups automatically have a free trial and can use the geo location and tagging. We try to focus on push notifications being relevant and compelling to get a higher engagement and retention rate for app developers so that a great life time value can be created for the user. It's a great mobile marketing tool and integrations are usually quick and easy with out SDK!

We are based in Ireland but have offices in Mexico and the UK. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to help where I can.
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