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Generic Animation Format comes to Cocos2d-x and Unity3d

GAFmediaGAFmedia Posts: 8New Users Noob
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Hello guys! Good news for those using Flash in their game development.
We are the creators of the GAF Converter, the first tool which allows its users to convert Flash animations into the Generic Animation Format (GAF) for further cross platform use.

Now we support Unity3d, Starling and Cocos2d-x playbacks.

To support flash animations use on various frameworks we analyze bytecode of an SWF file and save resulted data into a texture atlas and a config file.

Main features
1. Support for nesting without any limitations
2. Shape tweens conversion
3. Animated masks support
4. Blur and Glow filters supported
Get started with GAF find tutorials regarding GAF

If you have any questions, suggestions or your feedback reach out to us here:
or you are welcome to PM or type your questions right here, in comments
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  • GAFmediaGAFmedia Posts: 8New Users Noob
    edited July 2015
    Hi there!

    We are glad to announce the new version of GAF Converter v5

    New GAF Converter v5 features:
    1. Sound support. The GAF Converter can now extract sounds from animations inside SWF file and save them along with other GAF files for further playback. More info can be found here:
    2. Adding custom images into a Texture Atlas. Many developers have asked about a feature that will allow them to add custom graphics into the texture atlas. Starting with version 5.0 developers will have this feature! More info can be found here:
    3. Atlas packing optimization with regions rotation. We are continuously working on optimizing texture atlases to achieve the small possible file size. Starting with version 5.0, the GAF Converter can rotate regions to better fit inside the texture atlas.
    4. Preview mode improvement. Now, if your computer has no internet connection, the GAF Converter will work in Preview Mode which means you can get work done while you're offline. We have also removed GAF watermarks from Preview Mode so you can see the conversion results more clearly. But the features are limited to a basic mode only, without access to advanced settings.

      Click here to get more info about all these features.
      Also you can get more info about GAF here:

    You can get the new version here:
    Sounds and rotation in atlas availble only for Starling library, but we are working now to support these new features for Cocos2d-x, Cocos2d-JS and Unity too. So, stay turned.

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  • GAFmediaGAFmedia Posts: 8New Users Noob

    We have changed our licenses to make GAF suitable for the all developers. Now Free license has more features than before and this is all for FREE!
    1. Free license. The Free version now includes almost all the features (except new features like CLI, Sounds and Custom images into a Texture Atlas). The Free license is for companies with less then $100,000 annual revenue.
    2. With the Studio\Enterprise license you will get all GAF Converter features, fast and dedicated customer support, custom solutions (upon request) and additional seats.

    Click here to get more info about GAF licenses and availble features.

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