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[FREE] Earth Escape

JJGEightJJGEight London, United KingdomPosts: 58Registered Users @
Earth Escape is the super fun agile space game. Earth Escape lets you take control of your very own rocket ship. Fly your way as far away as possible from the Earth while avoiding the meteorites and collecting the golden stars.

Playing Earth Escape is incredibly intuitive. All you have to do is tilt your device to control the space ship. Tilt forward to increase the speed of the rocket ship, backwards to slow it down. Moving left and right works just like the speed control. All this allows you to collect the stars and avoid the asteroids.

- High definition Retina display graphics.
- Fast paced gameplay.
- Dynamically generated content, every attempt is different.
- High scores with Game Center
- Facebook and Twitter social features.
- iOS 7 compatible.

We hope you enjoy playing the game and make sure you challenge your friends.

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Download link:
Developer since 2009 - Founder at Mula - @joshgare
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