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[FREE EVENT] GEST DO IT! UC Berkeley, meet gestureKit.

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It's time to gesturize your apps.

We're launching gestureKit SDK, the world's first open cross-platform tool to create gesture-driven apps.
We invite you to join us for an hour to imagine your life gesturized; imagine driving home with your favorite tunes and navigating the dashboard with gestures while keeping your eyes well on the road; imagine the kids learning the alphabet by gesturing on an interactive game on the tablet; imagine a doctor performing surgery and gesturing to navigate 3D images without touching a non-sterile screen…

There's so much to imagine yet not so much available out there to make this real.

But the time is now. gestureKit SDK offers the solution.

WHERE / WHEN: April 15, 5.30PM - 6:30PM, Wozniak Lounge, Soda Hall 430, UC Berkeley, California.

For questions please send a MP.

UC Berkeley students, we're looking to recruit. So come along with your brilliant ideas and your resumes!
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