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SwipeTap - Fast paced skill game

RudyRudy Ottawa, CanadaPosts: 1,787Registered Users @ @ @ @
edited May 2014 in Shameless Advertising
SwipeTap is a fast paced skill game that will keep you coming back for more. Can you beat your friends' scores? The gestures are easy and will be familiar to anyone who has used a touch screen device before . But can you keep up? A few seconds after the tile has come into play, it will flash and if it's not solved in time, it's game over!

◉ Easy to learn but hard to master
◉ Fast paced game - an average game should take less than a minute!
◉ Each tile you remove is worth 1 point, how many points can you get?
◉ Game Center support to compete with your friends for the highest score!
◉ VERY small size, won't fill up your phone

We're about to submit an update to Apple, if you have any suggestions for the game we would love to hear them!

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