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New free app discovery service

matthmatth UKPosts: 5New Users Noob
Hey fellow devs, I have recently released a new web based app discovery service called Free Games Bandit at It provides a fun interactive game like experience to app users that want to discover apps / games. But best of all every developer that adds an app has an equal chance of discovery (unlike the app stores), its nice bit of free marketing.

Please ensure that you only add free apps to the free section and paid to the paid section. The service will accept iOS and Android apps, just put in your iOS app number or Google Play app ID to add your apps, you will appear in the database immediately.


  • scottwbscottwb Posts: 952New Users @ @ @
    Interesting, I added a couple of apps.

    How will we know how effective this service is?
  • shabbadoshabbado USPosts: 20New Users @
    So you just show a few random games? Not sure how this is an effective discovery service.
  • matthmatth UKPosts: 5New Users Noob
    The service is designed to give users the chance to discover apps that they would NEVER see because they are buried at the bottom of the app store. Users are missing out on so much great content because a few publishers have a monopoly on the app stores. Random chance of exposure is better than absolutely no exposure.
  • matthmatth UKPosts: 5New Users Noob
    Oh the service has been extended to also support paid apps, please only add paid apps to the paid section though
  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    edited July 2014
    The service is only as effective as the amount of web traffic they receive. How much traffic does your site get?

    Also, the presentation of apps works like a "slot machine". It refreshes a new set of apps on the main page every x seconds. The refresh appears to be random.

    It looks like an interesting idea, but given the above two, I don't see how this would significantly increase visibility, especially if more and more developers sign up.

    Am I missing something?
  • matthmatth UKPosts: 5New Users Noob
    The service is just a week old, its getting a few hundred hits per day at the moment. I will begin marketing it when there are enough apps in there. I am also integrating into Facebook and creating app wrapped versions. Right now though I am concentrating on letting developers know about the service.

    The apps are only refreshed when you hit the again button.

    There are two reasons for the service:
    1) I and other app users want to be able to discover truly new apps, not the same old shovelware that we constantly see at the top of the charts in the current app stores. I can log in for weeks on end and still have to drill through hundreds of apps that I've already seen / used, its a horrible user experience IMO. Apps are chosen at random because that is the whole idea behind it. When I was young and the Amiga / Atari ST was all the rage I used to go to the local computer shop every week to buy collections of public domain software, I didn't know what was on the disks but that was the fun part. The act of discovering what was on there was as much as fun as playing with the games and software. I'm modelling this service on the same principle, I want the act of discovering apps to be fun, exciting and slightly mysterious.

    2) A developers app has the same chance of being discovered as all other apps in the database. That is much better than the 0% chance that they have on the app stores. As 16 apps are shown simultaneously this increases the chances further
  • RudyRudy Ottawa, CanadaPosts: 1,787Registered Users @ @ @ @
    The service also appears to be down at the moment...
  • RudyRudy Ottawa, CanadaPosts: 1,787Registered Users @ @ @ @
    Nevermind, looks like it's back up. I added Tangled and SwipeTap
  • matthmatth UKPosts: 5New Users Noob
    I've been tinkering with the service over the last week or so, should be ok now. I've also started integrating into Facebook as an app and added a marketing blog with some useful lists / tips
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