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Manage Your Files and Documents More Effectively With Files-Finder Edition

AlvilAlvil IndiaPosts: 6New Users Noob
Hey Folks,

Just introducing here my new app for iPad. Here it is-

Files Finder Edition is an iPad app developed by appsicum having rich interface and feature set of old finder tool from Mac. This App has been developed for such iPad Users who frequently store their files on their iPad and miss the functionality of finder on their iPad. It's a perfect document manager/file explorer app as you can edit your documents in it, sync your files on cloud networks, browse internet via app's in-built browser, play your music files, read pdf files, sort your files on the basis of multiple sorting parameters like name, tags, file size etc. There has been features like background support for downloads, search integration inside browser, Wifi File file sharing enabled, functional address bar for quick navigation, voice note creation, Gesture based copy/paste/move and lot's more.

Here I am giving Some of the screenshots,


To Know more about it visit app in iTunes Store Here:
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