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EASY! – Task & To-Do List

easyineasyeasyineasy PraguePosts: 1New Users Noob
edited July 2014 in Shameless Advertising

I would like to show you EASY! EASY! is a new productivity app which we developed in a small team from Czech republic. You might think that the App Store is already crowded with productivity apps but you might be surprised how often their users abandon their productivity apps simply because they would have to adapt their lifestyle to the app and not the other way around.

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With that in mind we created EASY! We think that we found a right balance between simplicity and rich feature set. You can control the app with simple gestures so it feels slick in your hand but you can still make us of a number of useful features such as:

1. Reminders. You can set date & time when your task should be completed. With this feature you will not forget what have to be done again.
2. Categories and lists. You can better organize your tasks into 4 predefined categories (To-Do, Call, Buy, Pay) so your to-do list is no longer so cluttered. Above that you can create different task lists for work, school etc.
3. Gesture-based management of your tasks. Creating, moving, completing and deleting of your tasks has never been easier. Just use your fingers to organize your tasks as you like.
4. Color highlighting. Your tasks can be distinguished by a color depending on the day when they should be completed.

If you are curious about EASY! watch our video which will show you the best features of EASY! in less than 60 seconds.

EASY! is priced at $2.99 and is available worldwide. The app is translated into 9 languages and there are no additional costs like in-app purchases.

If you want to know more about EASY! just visit our website or the App Store page where you can also download the app. If you want a copy for review purposes just leave your e-mail here or you can contact us on
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