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Ninja Runner [Free iPhone Game]

AMC89GamesAMC89Games UKPosts: 2New Users Noob

I'm new to the forum but want you guys to check out my new iOS App called Ninja Runner is available to download for FREE!

App Store Link -


Ninja Runner has an old school retro feel. This endless side scrolling game is exciting and addictive! Run as far as you can, jumping from roof to roof. The further you get, the faster you run, so keep up and don't fall! Grab a double jump power up to help with those tricky jumps.

Think you have ninja skills! How far can you run?
Prove to your friends on Facebook and Twitter that you are a true ninja by sharing your score.

- Game Centre - Can you get to number 1 and be the best in the world?
- Share your scores on Facebook and Twitter to challenge your friends
- Its FREE

Thanks and hope you enjoy the game :)

<img src="/discussion/download/6129/FullSizeRender%203.jpg" />
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