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Sponge Jump - Addictive iOS Game (PLAY ME NOW!)

iProdigyiProdigy United StatesPosts: 20New Users @
Hello fellows... Check out my game ^^ ... Just an indie dev trying to live his dream.

Here is the link:


WARNING: Insanely Addictive!

Control the Sponge, use blocks to jump to extreme heights, and avoid the rising lava! Brag to your friends and family about your top score!

[How to play]

- Tap to jump.
- Tilt to change directions.
- Stick to the sides of blocks and jump again.
- Avoid rising lava.

More information:

Sponge Jump is not like any ordinary iOS game. It is simple, but keeps the user highly engaged by extensively using the iPhone’s accelerometer functions. The main objective of the game is to jump as high as you can atop the falling blocks. The higher you jump, the higher your score will be. Watch out for the rising lava! Unlike any other game, the Sponge character has a unique ability to stick to the sides of the blocks. This provides the user with endless possibilities to acrobatically ascend atop the blocks.

Sponge Jump has all of the qualities of a successful, addictive iOS game. This game is loved by anyone who owns an iOS device. Even non-gamers can find enjoyment in Sponge Jump’s exciting features while passing time before class or at the doctor’s office. The game entices the user by offering them the opportunity to end up in a myriad of nail biting situations.
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