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Roll Rage [iOS Game]


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Overview of the game:

There are 10 games in one app.

The aim of the game is simple, stay alive for as long as you can while scoring as many points as you can.

You need to reach a certain score that awards you silver trophy or better to unlock next game.

Collect stars to increase score multiplier and fruits to increase score.

When you collect stars, 5 coins will shoot out. Try and collect these coins so you can buy upgrades and better balls that gets you even better scores.

Once you've unlocked all 10 games, there are missions to play which gives you rewards for collecting so many golden trophies. These rewards makes it possible to score an even higher score in arcade mode.

The game works better if you have friends on your game center list playing this game too as yours and their high score will appear on each other game select screen. Giving you both an incentive to beat each other score. So let all your friends know about this game.

I'm the developer so any questions regarding this game, tips, hints, feedback, review or suggestions then feel free to post and I'll answer what I can.

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