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Games by Cobalt Play

ordealordeal BangladeshPosts: 18New Users *
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PLAYCADE : 12 MINI GAMES IN 1 is now free on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle.
Kill vampire bat's, fly jet's, destroy cars, slice jelly, shoot pool and more. Playcade: 12 Mini Kill Time Games In 1, is an arcade experience in the palm of your hand. Swipe through the game list and tap to play. No need for extra downloads, all the games are already there. An amazing way to save download time and great fun for kids and adults.

Download link:

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  • UIUsUIUs Posts: 181Moderators Admin
    @ordeal you know the rules. Moved to "Shameless Advertising".

    Also removed your link, which was an alphabetical mess. Feel free to add a clean link for your apps.
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