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Pyro! for Messenger is now available on the App Store. Set the world on fire and share it with your

Dynamic_DustDynamic_Dust Czech RepublicPosts: 6New Users Noob
Hi guys, our augmented reality app Pyro! gets a big update with revamped design and sharing integration exclusively into Facebook Messenger.


Do you ever want to watch your neighbor’s house, your teacher’s car or your boss’s office burns? Now you can with Pyro! for Messenger, an innovative augmented reality app which adds fire effects to your device camera in real time. With direct integration into Facebook Messenger you can share your hot videos and photos with your friends instantly. Just point your device camera to something you would like to be in flames and let your dreams come true. There are no limits!

Pyro! for Messenger works on simple but effective principle – it combines your device camera with fire and explosion effects. Just draw the fire with a finger on the screen and burn everything around you. The fire remains in its place even if you move with your phone.
We look forward to seeing the reaction to our integration and hope that people will enjoy using Pyro! for Messenger.

Download Pyro! for Messenger on the App Store.
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