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Fishing Fantasy - pretty and fun fishing game for iOS

AlmakosAlmakos UkrainePosts: 10New Users *


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Fishing Fantasy is a dynamic Action/Adventure game that combines fantasy art style, soothing but fun gameplay and a relaxing aquatic journey.

Please check the gameplay video to get better idea about the game

Become a captain and sail 4 oceans to catch ultimate collection of mysterious and previously unseen sea creatures.

Fishing Fantasy offers two different game modes:
Fishing Mode: places you behind the wheel of one of 4 different ships. Catch fish and collect your reward
Starfall Mode: avoid falling bad stars and collect all the good ones before they sink

Soothing but addictive gameplay
Pretty 2D graphics with real-time physics
11 sea creatures to collect and display in private aquarium
4 ships to buy and upgrade
2 different game modes: Competitive Fishing and Starfall
Ridiculous amount of loot
Pleasant music and gratifying sound effects
Suitable for all ages
Game Centre Leaderboards
No In-App Purchases, No ads

I would appreciate any feedback or questions and will be more than happy to answer all of them

3 years of my life, mountains of passion and oceans of love were put to make Fishing Fantasy o:)



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