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Jungggle - New platform for the buying of marketing services (traffic, media, ranking, etc.)

JungggleJungggle SeoulPosts: 3New Users Noob
edited April 2015 in Shameless Advertising
Hi everyone! :)

We would hereby like to present to you the new marketing platform called: Jungggle.
Jungggle is an online platform where you can buy marketing services all around the world.

Have a look at our introduction video here:

Jungggle keeps things simple. Our search engine enables you to filter out the right marketing service(s) within seconds and with a few clicks you can compare the search results. When you are not sure about whether a service is reliable or not, you can refer to previous project results that have been documented by other companies that bought the service before.

Jungggle saves time, lowers costs, and increases transparency. What's more, searching for and buying marketing services is completely free! :)

Sign up now and we provide you with $100 in Jungggle Credits (our digital currency) to celebrate Jungggle's launch.

Visit our website and start Jungggling ;)
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