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erikdudeerikdude NorwayPosts: 41New Users @
edited September 2015 in Shameless Advertising

I found this category and decided to post my app here to get some feedback.

The app is called "Workplus" and it's available on the App Store:

The app allows you to do very efficient hour accounting; add workplaces, register workdays either fully automatically using location services and GeoFencing or manually, create shares to define a deviation in salary within a specific timeframe, add lunch breaks, tax percentage, minimum-time to avoid registering a non-workday if you were to go shopping in a store you work at, define delays for more accurate accounting, etc.

The app has 1 5-star review from the U.S. I worked a lot on this app, and would love to hear what people think about it - sadly that happens very slowly through the App Store.

The features I've also listed in the store:
- Full automation: simply bring your phone to work.
- Manual registration, in case you missed a day.
- Define lunch breaks and other deviations in salary.
- View monthly earnings, for each workplace or all of them combined.
- View when you arrived at work and when you left, together with work duration.
- Export workdays as CSV
- Take workday notes
- Enter a tax percentage to subtract from your displayed earnings.
- Simple and minimal UI.

Thank you!

Kind Regards,
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