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Solar Boy

weeareweeare UKPosts: 8New Users Noob
My First ever game guys :) very excited to have released this. if any of you could give it a download and let me know what you think that would be great.

its free and here is the game synopsis:

Solar Boy's mission to mars has been a catastrophe. Asteroids have destroyed his ship. Your job is to navigate space, avoiding the asteroids to get Solar Boy home safely. Explore the depths of space picking up coins to increase your score, but watch out for those deadly space asteroids otherwise Solar Boy will be lost in space forever.

This free game is a ton of fun, it takes seconds to pick up but lightyears to master. Solar boy - Escape From Space offers a unique and fun gameplay experience which all the family can enjoy.

Download it Now and see if you can beat our top score (100 coins)

download link below:
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