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[Free][iPhone] Reflexum - Little Casual Game

MoxAdventuMoxAdventu FrancePosts: 1New Users Noob
edited January 2016 in Shameless Advertising
Hi all!

I've released Reflexum a little casual game.

The goal is simple: You must find an image in a set of 16 images as fast as possible.

There is 2 game mode:
* "Do the best": You have 2 minutes to play and the set of images is growing from 4 images to 16 (this gives you the time to concentrate).
* "Time Attack": You have 1 minutes to play and the set of images is fixed to 16.
In each mode, you must be fast to gains bonuses (and points). The errors are sanctioned by the loss of some points and all bonuses.

Reflexum is available here.

Thanks for you attention.


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