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Mahjong Yin and Yang - Beijing Monks Premium!

carestcarest BulgariaPosts: 103New Users @ @
Hey there, It’s a great game Mahjong that I'm sure you gonna like it: Mahjong Yin and Yang - Beijing Monks Premium!


In the ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang has always symbolized the light and dark, hard and soft. Mahjong Yin and Yang you will find symbolize characters. Chips Water and Fire, rain and snow, as well as other pieces will pleasantly surprise you. Great atmosphere, nice music it's nice to spend time with the game Mahjong Yin Yang

- Over 100 Original Levels
- New Daily Boards
- Many different layouts will train your mind
- Enjoy Super Graphics
- Detailed Game statistics
- Awesome Chinese songs


Download a Free version of the game on the link:

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