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Mobile Game 2016! Dont miss it out!

rebecca_hfrebecca_hf usPosts: 4New Users Noob
Hello Everyone,

We are an indie company, Today, we have laucnhed our first mobile game-Hero Forces.

A real-time PVP shooting game that redefines FPS & TPS. Shoot zombies and combat monsters to your heart's content. Pick up a shot gun, a sniper rifle or an RPG to save this world from total annihilation!

● Real-time PVP
- Find online opponents for a quick shooter match in seconds
- CO-OP with other real snipers and shoot down the zombies
- Take on friends and strangers alike and show them who is the top gun

● Whenever, wherever
- Play the game whether you have two minutes or two hours
- Smart controls designed for people on the move - you may even play with one hand! A shooting game truly made for newbies and experts.

● Endless waves of shooting fun
- Enjoy rich gameplay in campaign mode, survival mode, real-time PVP and zombie CO-OP mode
- Experience the thrill of an action movie in cool settings like rain forests, deserts, prairies, zombie war and metro cities

● Customize everything
- Name your favorite gun, we got it! Upgrade your sniper rifles, shotguns and even RPGs
- Recruit other heroes and equip them with the most advanced guns and armors

Please support us! Many Thanks!
Google Play:
Official Website:


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