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Mad Simulator Superspy Game - Mission on Moscow Free!

carestcarest BulgariaPosts: 103New Users @ @
Hey there, It’s a great game Simulator that I'm sure you gonna like it: Mad Simulator Superspy Game - Mission on Moscow Free!


Infinite episodes Moscow streets, Kremlin and other. The player collects USB sticks and laptops containing sensitive information while being chased by Agent Jake, whose mission is to arrest you. If the player is caught, he ends up in prison Bay and the game ends. Your purpose is to find USSR hydrogen bomb which is dropped onto the map when "Uncle Plutin" is called on a cellphone, effectively ridding it from obstacles.

- Retina graphics for the new iPad and iPhone
- Intuitive controls – your way past hazards
- Breathtaking excitement and much more
- Agents, informants, fellow agents, enemy guards and many obstacles


Download a Free version of the game on the link:
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